Designed to be first in our Peek-A-Boo Who Triptych, this Dapper Dalek with 3D bronze metal sensors, an engraved candlestick eyestalk, and a Gatlin gun is ready to "Exterminate" with Victorian style! Notice the steamy details: Pipes; Plate metal embossing; and a coppery dome highlighted by our proprietary bronze glaze.

This Steampunk Dalek is exclusive to Ladywren Studios, and there are only a few left in existence so snap him up before the Doctor eliminates him!

  • 5" x 10.5" 
  • Engraved in Maple ply with a Walnut ply frame and black felted back
  • Hangs on the wall or free stands in our easel

Pair with our Peek-A-Boo Who Victorian Police Box and the Peek-A-Boo Who Clockwork Cyberman to complete the trio.

Peek-A-Boo Who Dapper Dalek

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